there will always be the hunt skekMal inhaled the deep scent of the thick forest; the moss mixed with damp earth and the rain that just washed Thra. His tail thumped against the ground, with content, as last droplets fell on his unmasked face.
by skekMal

skekSo was laying sprawled on the warm cushions, while skekMal’s skilled hands were massaging his body.

It was Hunter’s idea. He wanted to check how well his new herbal concoctions will work. There was a certain ripple of a stone in the pond, as skekSo suspected that the oils are at least partially influenced by skekMal’s urru counterpart. But they felt good, oh so good on his skin and Hunter’s talons were bringing so much bliss to his muscles, that the Emperor could ignore it and enjoy being pampered like a soft fizzgig in a wealthy vapran household.

His feathers already glistened with balms and he felt deliciously soaked with scents.

There were no words between them, only a dance of raw and strong hands on skekSo’s skin and body. He was squeezed in places he didn’t even know he needed to be squeezed. skekMal for sure knew how to bring pleasure to his hungry senses.

skekSo breathed in the smell of fresh tree sap and herbs and his mind started to circle into much different areas of interest. skekMal’s scent was also potent. He always felt like soil and leather – now, he could also place blood. skekMal had to hunt something before he met with him – that idea was tempting, very tempting.

When skekMal’s hands brushed his slit, stayed there for a brief moment and then moved to safer regions, skekSo could feel as core-deep need enters his spine and plays on his nerves like on a harp.

“I think I can say I fulfilled your wish, your highness” skekSo heard a raspy voice. skekMal didn’t venture into his nether parts anymore, a tease, a cruel tease, but the Emperor knew that his hands will return there. skekMal wouldn’t be himself, if he passed a chance of pleasure. Not when skekSo, very bare and very bothered, was laying under him, completely at his whim.


“You probably remember when you asked me to find a gelfling assistant.”

Gelfling! A last thing skekSo wanted to think about right now, were gelfling.

“Yes, skekMal” he exhaled, slowly realizing that skekMal’s fingers again circles in right places. Oh yes. Oh yes, for Thra’s sake. But please without gelfling.

skekMal chuckled darkly. skekSo knew the Hunter reads in him like in an open book, but as long as his talons were there, just there, massaging him with assist of those cursed oils, he was in gracious mood.

As long as your words fill with lust soon, I will appease your need to share these… mundane things.

“What clan he is?” he murmured into pillow, his body pressing tighter into skekMal’s hand.


skekSo rised his head.


“It’s a woman. Stonewood. I assume the name is unimportant. She is a huntress, so at least I don’t need to start from the beginning.”

A woman. Well, that was insignificant. skekMal never seemed interested in either men or women from among the gelfling. Yes, he used to party with them, he used to drink and get stoned with them. Mostly with Dousan. That was a thing skekSo never understood. Yet he preferred sekkMal as an unknown.

Preferred him coming to him like a ghost, like an apparition, and taking him like a wild beast, whispering things into his ear.

What he was doing with lesser beings was… not important. Completely not important.

It could be a man. It could be a woman. Completely unimportant, just as the name of this poor creature.

“What is her name?” he was surprised these words left his beak.

“Mraya. Not exceptional huntress. Needs much training” skekMal squeezed something budding between skekSo’s legs and the Emperor made a not very dignified sound. “You like it, don’t you, your majesty? So wet. And so ready. You are perfect when you surrender to me like that.”

skekSo shivered.

And nodded vigorously, silently begging him to keep talking.

skekMal possessed a very specific vocabulary, debauched to the raw bone, spoken in this dangerous, wild  tone of his.

And when the Hunter told him what he will do to him, all thoughts about Mraya the Stonewood huntress ran from skekSo’s head.

It’s good to be alive. It’s good to have skekMal here, pressing him into the pillows, flattening him against his hard stomach.

It’s good to be skekSo.

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