there will always be the hunt skekMal inhaled the deep scent of the thick forest; the moss mixed with damp earth and the rain that just washed Thra. His tail thumped against the ground, with content, as last droplets fell on his unmasked face.

[ to be redacted ] [ not finished ]


skekMal for me is much more than a villain. Maybe the role they forced on him was crucial to the plot, but I took a lot from the more spiritual and deeper side of the Hunter, that I really think he has. Here is the list my own headcanon of Mal, I guess, it won’t be brief like I wanted, but… well, everything to show his fully built profile.

– I don’t think he was one of the skeksis, that killed urRu after division, I think it was Ung and Var, while Mal observed everything, in shock but also some kind of odd detachment. He is violent, but I imagine that within a problematic situation, he gets into observation mode, to better act and actually survive.
– when he was young, he lived in the castle and didn’t abhor any skeksis, as all of them were agile and younger, he felt good with them.
– I imagine him leading the hunting parties with other skeksis, setting kind of rituals before every hunt, to ensure that the hunt will be more successful. It makes a nice landscape for young skeks, who were making such rites, to show how beautiful and sacred their life is.
– when he got older, he separated from the skeksis, because life in the forest was more satisfying and favoring for him, where he could feel more connected with Thra. Aughra thought he is beautiful – speaking not only about his looks, but also his soul – he was the only skeksis that searched closeness with the planet.
– he hunts not only to feel superior. It binds him with the prey. But he actually likes to prove himself and search new thrills, it’s one of his ways to show himself that death doesn’t control him but he also accepts that one day it will come for him. But “not today”.
– he has like two faces. One aggressive and restless, cruel even. And one intelligent, even wise. Both of them are not at all separate. He is just so much triggered by the adrenaline, that his senses go 200% and it can be activated by single event, that’s why he is so unpredictable.
– he lives in a house in the woods, where he collects trophies and sleeps, when he isn’t on a hunt. He actually likes compfy bed and even some pillows.
– he likes meat but knowing he can’t survive only on that, he adds fruits to his diet.
– he has sleep disorders.
– he doesn’t think gelfling are neccesary lesser beings He will kill them if they meddle in the hunt, though, or endanger his feeedom, way of life or other skeksis, even if he thinks they are fools.
– he has special bond with his mystic. They understand each other, and even if never condoned their ways, they know themselves better than other counterparts, because Mal spent more time with him, in wilderness.
– he grew to dislike other skeksis but still thinks the Thra belongs to them.
– he has strong head for alcohol but rarely drinks it, to not numb the senses.
– he eats a lot. And I say really a LOT. He burns it fastly, because he moves every day.
– in relationship, he always is the one who guards, he can be REALLY devoted and if thinks someone is worthy, he would give his life after them
– being most observant skeksis, he is good at pleasing the partner and guessing his or her needs.
– terribly stubborn, changing his mind is difficult like turning the storm.
– he is very raw, but when you know him better, his antisocial ways dwindle and he can even show a lot of easyness in relation and humorous nature. You still can count tho, that he will have bursts of pure agression.
– he can’t be tamed but he can be known more, to know that you don’t need to tame him, to trust him or rely on him.
– he is honest and true to his word, even honorable. But ruthless if you disappoint him.